Patented System
Cleats Pare Threshing
To rope diameters of 5 to 8 mm.
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Alpa Industrie

During my last crossing Nice Corsica on my boat ANNA 2, when the ribs are erased. I still have to watch my narrowed eyes behind my sunglasses, on a calm sea background, the imperfections of my boat. My vision is diving on my crummy nodes pares hype, ugly, ugly, inefficient and often only undoing, causing the loss of sea buoy. At the same time on the blue background of wrinkled sea, I saw a white point, bringing me I have drafted a fender lost at sea by a boat whose owner would surely need my ideas on design string the knots I, found on arriving at the port of Calvi, my knots were not isolated cases.

A boater insulted the good god before scientific docking maneuver, saying that he was missing a buoy “surely lost at sea,” he told me. From there came to me the idea of creating an alternative piece marine knots, easy to implement, aesthetic and not involve the good god in the docking phases.

We know that in terms of navigation or passenger of small dimensions, the protection of the side contact areas of the hull of a boat is essential, especially for boats brought to address the landing docks or stay moored securely wharves, pontoons or catwalks. The tab ALPA Industry, fender attachment can substitute the following marine nodes: the half knot, the knot in eight, the dog leg node, the Capuchin knot, the square knot, the granny knot, the sinner node, the node carrick of the sheet bend, bowline, the noose, the anchor bend, capstan node or hung node.

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